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Paulus Orchards 2011

We have been going to Paulus Orchards every year since we moved to the area. Before that, we took Megan to Eckert’s in St. Louis every fall. It is one of my favorite fall family traditions – I hope the girls don’t grow out of it any time soon. This year, we took one of […]

Happy Birthday to me!

Today was my birthday. The big 3-5. Thank goodness it was on a weekend – I enjoyed relaxing with Scott and the girls. We slept in a bit, then Scott went to get pastries from Panera for breakfast. I opened my gifts – they got me lots of good stuff. I think my favorite gift […]

Almost fall

We went to my parents’ house for an overnight, and they had a fire in the fire pit that evening. The next morning, the boys stirred up the coals, and started it back up. We spent the entire day outside, with the kids swinging, cooking on the fire, and just enjoying the perfect almost-fall weather.


Beauty Spa

The other day, the girls decided to turn their room into a beauty spa. They set out nail polish (complete with naming the colors) and raided my makeup for old things I don’t use (read purple and pink). We filled up a container of warm water and dissolved some epsom salts in it. First they […]

Riding Lesson

We registered Megan for a mini horsemanship lesson through one of the local recreation councils to see how she liked it. Surprise, surprise, she didn’t want to EVER leave. She was a little disappointed that she had to have someone hold onto the horse the entire time, but she eventually realized that she didn’t quite […]