The bike is done(ish)

The completed Schwinn world

For the two of you who actually read this crap, this is a picture of my primary means of transportation. The bike was a Salvation Army find. $30 with a broken fork and in need of some serious TLC. After about $150 worth of parts and tools, plus a Brooks saddle (whee) from my Mom and Dad, she’s about as good as I’m going to get her.

Couple of nifty features that I’m rather proud of: Suntour barcons. These things rock. Cork tape. A nifty Schwinn bottle cage that Christie found at Target. Pedals with clips. New gears in the back! Shimano mega range freewheel 13-34 and a mega range dérailleur. These are mountain bike components, but when I’m dragging an 80lb trailer with a 40 tooth chain ring, they really save my knees. And, of course, the caboose. The girls love it.

From today’s ride to school: I usually put my left foot in the clip and ride the bottom of the right pedal until I can coast fast enough to fiddle with getting my right foot in its clip. Megan wasn’t having any of that this morning. Two cranks on the pedals. Not even out of the driveway. “Daddy, put your other foot in the clip!” Where the heck did she learn that?

Bonus! Taken with a Pentax K10D!

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