And another idiot

A couple days ago, coming home from the Chinese restaurant with lots of yummy take-out, I was waiting to turn left onto my street. After sitting there for what seemed like an eternity I finally found a break in traffic and gunned the motor. Only to find a cyclist riding the wrong way on my left. She was just entering the intersection and made a quick U turn to avoid an intimate encounter with the Great Pumpkin. So what the fuck really happened here? Lemme go down the list.

1. I’m sitting there with a turn signal on waiting to make a left.

2. She’s riding the wrong way.

3. She had plenty of opportunity to see me. With my turn signal flashing. Waiting to turn left. You know, because she was behind me.  And it’s not like I have a small, blend-in kinda car.  It’s an evil SUV.  It’s “Atomic Orange”.  That’s Nissan’s way of making Hunter Safety Orange sound cool.  It stands out.  A lot.

4. She failed to yield. In addition to riding the wrong way, breaking the law, and generally being a nuisance, she failed to notice that I was about to turn left across her path.

5. She’s lucky I’m more observant than lots of people, that I wasn’t yapping on a cell phone, and that I nailed the brakes pretty hard, causing the oncoming traffic to do the same.

A couple things went through my mind as I finished my drive home.  Somewhere, someone, convinced this woman that riding against traffic is a good idea.  Someone needs an ass-whoopin’.  The police do nothing about this sort of crap around here.  I’ve seen lots and lots and lots of dangerous/stupid/illegal bike crap since I started riding just a few months ago.  Not once have I ever witnessed the Man doing a damn thing about it.  No lights at night.  No problem.  Riding circles in the street.  Coolio.  Blowing stop signs at speed without even glancing to the side.  Riding on the sidewalk.  Hey, that’s fine and dandy.  Of course, I, who took the time to learn the rules, and who follows them pretty closely, get honked at by some impatient prick almost every time I throw a leg over.

So screw it.  This is an educational video from now on.

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