Fixed-gear fiasco

The fixie is done. The bars are wrapped and the brake lever is where I want it. I’ve ridden nothing else the last two days and plan to ride it again tonight. Tomorrow morning I’ll have to trailer the girls to school on that geared bike.


This particular bike came to me from a very generous individual.   Once I had it disassembled I decided to “fix” it.  This is my first.  During the parts selection phase I tried to stick to the rules of the Path Racer contest at the Fixed Gear Gallery.  I think it came in at just under the limit, though an odd part or two may have pushed it a few dollars over.

Some observations:

  • I’m sore.  Mid-section, right calf, thighs, knees, back, ankles (yup, my freakin’ ankles are sore)
  • Even though the bars are much lower than those on the other bike, my hands don’t hurt as much.  This is probably due to a shorter top tube.
  • Getting into the toe clips is exciting.  I did it right the first few times but my beginner’s luck seems to have run out.
  • Hills are easier with 75″ gearing than they are with 65″ gearing on my freewheel bike.  I’m still not going to put a trailer behind it.
  • I’ve read that a cyclist who can do a track stand can make it from one side of NYC to the other without putting a foot down.  This is crap.  The more accurate way of stating this would be to “try real hard” to get from one side of NYC to the other without putting a foot down.  Over the last two days I’ve run several traffic lights simply because I didn’t want to deal with putting my foot down.  Whee!
  • This thing is fun!

Mileage for the 12th: 5
Mileage for the 13th: 2.8
Annual Mileage: 60.2
Miles to go: 4939.8

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