Odds and ends

Cleaning out the mental attic here. Lots of crap, cruft and other boring stuff. I’ll start with mileage.

January 20th: 2.6 miles (15F, feels like 2!)
January 19th: 20 miles! w00t!
January 18th: 1.4
January 17th: 4
January 16th: 2.6
Annual mileage: 95
Miles to go: 4905

Yesterday, 34F, I took a spin over the river and followed the northern half of the Harrisburg Greenbelt from the Market Street bridge to the Farm Show complex, then beelined for home. Most of it is flat, but the trail around Wildwood lake is a roller coaster. The downhills are fun. Uphills, not so much. I’ve ridden little sections of the Greenbelt before and found it clogged with tourists, dog walkers and old folks on Wal-mart comfort bikes. Yesterday it was empty, and that was nice for a change. Probably had something to do with the temperature. They could stand to put in a few more signs, as the Greenbelt follows roads and sidewalks in some places. I made a couple wrong turns, but did manage, more or less, to stay on course.

During the jaunt I stopped at a little pizza joint called Michael’s Pizzeria and Deli on 6th St. The capicolla is superb and the lovely young blond working the till would have made the stop worthwhile even if the food was awful. Highly recommended.

It’s fun to ride over the metal grate decking on the bridge from City Island to Front St.

The bike talked to me a bit too much on the hills yesterday. So last night I rebuilt the rear hub and re-dished the wheel (it was off by almost 3mm). Then she got some much needed lube on the chain, derailers, etc. And tonight, just before my sub-arctic ride, I raised the bars up a bit. I’ve never re-dished a wheel before, and after tonight’s ride I guess I did OK.

Tonight, weatherdotcom says it’s 15F. I tried a couple new things to keep warm. Instead of piling on the socks, I only wore one pair. Between the socks and the boots, I slipped in some plastic grocery bags. This works really well. My toes stayed nice and toasty. A pair of rain mittens went over the ski gloves. These didn’t work. The concept is nice, but the mittens I have are cheap and don’t really cut the wind very well.

My face got really cold on the way home. Christie is going to sew a balaclava for me tomorrow. She said she could do it tonight, but the only fleece she had on hand was pink.

My Pepsi, placed in the bottle cage, froze on the way home. I’m drinking a slushy.

So here’s the run down for tonight’s ride. Hiking boots, plastic bags, running socks. Long johns and jeans. Long sleeve tee, long sleeve wool shirt, pull over fleece, wind resistant running jacket. Ski gloves and over-mittens. Fleece watch cap and clear glasses. All said, I was comfortable except for my finger tips and face. We’ll work on that. That’s not too shabby considering I don’t own a single piece of cycling-specific clothing.

Futurama is/was the funniest show ever.

Someone honked at me tonight. Not the blaring, “get the hell off the road” honk, but a “toot toot toot” honk. Last night someone high-beamed me for about 1/10 of a mile. Not sure what either was about.

I had the day off yesterday. Christie took the kids to Nana and Grandpa’s house for an overnight. The high school girl next door had a really loud party. I think they saw me come in from my Greenbelt ride because they turned down the music right after I walked through the door. I went over there and told them to turn it up so I could hear it too.

Just in case both of you were wondering, I use Google Maps to calculate my ride mileage.


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  1. Gromit says:

    You shoulda gone for the pink balaclava…

  2. admin says:

    I catch enough crap from the locals just being on a bike.