Saving time

Sometimes the bike isn’t so convenient, relatively speaking. In reality, it only takes a few minutes to ride to the supermarket – not much longer than driving. Last weekend’s ride to the LBS took me 35 minutes (uphill) and 25 minutes to get home (downhill, wheee!). It takes at least 20 minutes to drive it, so I really didn’t lose that much time. But sometimes it seems that by the time I’m suited up, I could have been there already.

  1. Put on the helmet
  2. Fasten it
  3. Unfasten helmet
  4. Take it off
  5. Put on my pull-over
  6. Pull on my gloves
  7. Put on my helmet
  8. Take off my gloves
  9. Fasten helmet
  10. Pull on the gloves
  11. Unzip the trunk bag
  12. Try to get keys out of my pocket
  13. Take off my gloves
  14. Get out keys
  15. Unlock bike
  16. Put lock in trunk bag
  17. Put cable in trunk bag
  18. Pull on my gloves
  19. Carry bike off the porch
  20. Get on
  21. Turn on headlight
  22. Get off bike
  23. Turn on taillight
  24. Get on the bike
  25. Start riding
  26. Stop and get off
  27. Try to get wallet out because it hurts my butt
  28. Take off gloves
  29. Get wallet out
  30. Put it in the trunk bag
  31. Pull on my gloves
  32. Ride the 1.2 miles to the supermarket
  33. Take off gloves
  34. Take off helmet
  35. Turn off lights
  36. Try to unzip trunk bag (it’s still open)
  37. Get out lock and cable
  38. Lock up bike
  39. Go inside and shop
  40. Make embarrassed apology to cashier
  41. Run to bike
  42. Try to unzip trunk bag (it’s still open)
  43. Get wallet
  44. Pay for my stuff
  45. Load groceries on bike
  46. Zip up trunk bag
  47. Repeat steps 6 to 31
  48. Ride home

Time elapsed: 3.47 days

Mileage for the 8th: 4
Yesterday’s mileage: 2.7
Annual mileage: 43.1
Miles to go: 4956.9

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0 Responses to Saving time

  1. cog says:

    Get a motorcycle. You can go through all those steps again, but the mileage in between is much more fun.

  2. admin says:

    Been there done that, Cog. I was gonna respond with a little diatribe about how I can’t face up to a berating from Knarf about riding around on top of a combustion engine, but I’m too drunk to type.

  3. alunfoto says:


    Sounds familiar.

    You good at managing car keys, btw? 🙂