Schwinn approved

In the mid-70s, apparently, Schwinn was involved with designing and manufacturing torture devices. It looks like they subbed this work out, too. How do I know this? My 1974 Continental has the original “Schwinn Approved” saddle on it.

Mileage for January 15th: 2.6
Mileage for January 14th: 2.6
Annual mileage: 65.4
Miles to go: 4934.6

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0 Responses to Schwinn approved

  1. Gromit says:

    Saddles are important. I thought mine was fine until I rode a century on it…

  2. admin says:

    Rick W. and I agree – the B17 is the best thing since pneumatic tires.

  3. Gromit says:

    B17? What am I missing here? Unless you’re referring to the WW-II bomber. (Which may indeed be more comfortable than my current bicycle seat, but probably won’t fit in my garage.)

  4. admin says:

    Why, Gromit, it’s the Brooks B17!

    Heaven for the tushie.