So Thursday morning I awoke to the wonderful sensation of sore calves. Not sore-because-I-rode-the-bike-too-hard sore. And not sore-because-I-spent-the-last-two-days-roofing-the-house sore. This was the worst kind of sore ever. That nasty, septic, I’m-about-to-be-sick sore. By noon my hips and lower back were actively trying to kill me, my temperature had topped 100F, and the two little bundles of love were scraping their nails down the blackboard of my patience.

Very little sleep later, at about 5:30am Friday, my temperature had reached 103F. Christie agreed to stay home from work and let me mope. No change Saturday. I did manage to get in a little web MD and shoehorn my symptoms into Mononucleosis and then Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Gotta love the intarweb.

My diet for the past 3 days has consisted of water, green tea, plain oatmeal and beef-flavored Ramen noodles. Bonus! I’ve lost 6 pounds.

Today is better. The girls are only using one hand each on the blackboard, my temperature is below 100, and I’ve had just one bout of cold sweat since my shower. Life is good.

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  1. Gromit says:

    How you doing five-toed? Ready to start making up all the bike mileage you missed while sick?

  2. admin says:

    Still have a bit of a sore throat, but everything else seems to be back to normal. I have a lot of miles to make up. Just in case you hadn’t guessed, my “ride every day” resolution is shot. And it’s freakin’ cold outside. On a high note, the touring bike is coming along nicely. I think I’m short tires, a new stem and a seat post. And a rear rack. And luggage. And some new camping gear and a handlebar bag that will accommodate the 645 and and and…….