The good, the bad, and the very, very lazy

So I finished January with daily rides. Here’s the stats:

January 29: 2.6
January 30: 1.4
January 31: 2.6
Annual miles: 125.7
Miles to go: 4874.3

February has been a bust. I’m tired of the cold, taking 15 minutes to suit up for what I know will be a 10 minute ride, getting wet, dealing with brakes that don’t work in the rain, misplacing my hat and gloves and on and on and on. So I haven’t been for a ride in 2 days. Maybe tonight.

We’re still on for 5k.

I got tired of waiting for Pentax to decide if they’re making a 645D, so I made my own.

Pure Sweet Hell has been the object of my desire for some time now. No one gave me a copy for Christkwanzukkah so I ordered it. The good:

  • Shot on Super 8
  • Interview with Gina Hall has a baby crying in the background
  • Indie rock sound track

The bad:

  • Indie rock sound track
  • About 20 minutes of content crammed into an hour
  • No special features, making of, etc.
  • All you really need to watch is the preview.
  • Cost me $20

I’m giving it 2 out of 5 dust caps.

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