Harrisburg Critical Mass

Last Friday, over at the Pedal Pusher, I saw a small pink flier advertising Critical Mass here in Harrisburg. It had a url on it. After reading said site it appears that whomever printed the fliers didn’t actually create the site, and someone else came along and did it. Funny stuff, if it’s true, and truly in the spirit of an unorganized Critical Mass.

I may attend just to find out how it goes. I wonder if the massers will really be interested in bicycle advocacy or if they’ll just be a bunch of chip-on-the-shoulder types looking to cork traffic. See you there!

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0 Responses to Harrisburg Critical Mass

  1. doc says:

    Great. Just in time for the happy hour crowd.

  2. the Sloth says:

    I kinda figured that 6pm on a Friday would mean very little traffic in the city. Kinda forgot about happy hour. Should be fun.

  3. Matt Z says:

    Good meeting you at the inaugural mass! Looking forward to many more to come. Hope to see you around town…