One more

Swiped a bike from Ross last Thursday.  It’s a Schwinn High Plains.  I guess this brings the fleet up to 4.  This particular one is either a 90 or 91 and most likely came out of the Greenville, MS plant, which means it’s an American made lugged steel frame.  Woohoo!  Components are mostly low-mid grade stuff, but it all (kinda) works.  So I spent the weekend cleaning her up.  New brake and derailer cables and housing, replaced the handlebars, new tubes and a pair of tires I salvaged off a wrecked bike.  In all, I spent maybe $25 on her.  Current plans are to ride her for the summer and fall, and then maybe put her back into circulation.

High Plains

She and I went for a ride last night and had lots of fun.  Now I just need to find some trails.  Anyone know some good ones around Harrisburg?

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