A couple weeks ago the tourer and I took a trip to the Pedal Pusher for a fitting.  Jim recommended making some saddle position changes and sold me a new stem.  The lower back pain is gone but the hand pain is still there.  Perhaps drops just aren’t my thing, so I’m considering Albatross and Mary bars.  We’ll see.

If I can’t get the fit issued worked out on the Cannondale, I may set up the Fuji Sagres as my touring bike.   Otherwise, I have some snazzy SunTour Cyclone parts for it.

An old Nishiki, which some of my friends think is an International but I think it’s not, followed me home last Thursday.  The fixie hardware is getting moved over from the Zonker.

The next Harrisburg Critical Mass ride is this Friday.  If you’re in the Harrisburg area meet at the intersection of the walking bridge and front street at 6pm.  See you there.

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