Knees are jerking in Iowa

Back in 2004, during RAGBRAI, a gentleman by the name of Kirk Ullrich crashed when his front tire slipped into a joint in the pavement.  His injuries were fatal.  Eight other cyclists crashed in the same area.  That section of road was then closed.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Ullrich’s widow filed suit, claiming that Crawford County had a duty to warn road user of the hazards and failed to do so.  As it turns out a deputy sheriff had been posted there to warn riders of the road condition.  He left before Mr. Ullrich crashed and took the orange cones with him.  The county settled out of court and admitted no wrongdoing.  During the course of the suit/settlement the county’s attorney made this retarded statement:

(The attorney) also stated the road is not designed for cyclists, but for motorists, and that the county’s duty to protect bike riders is not the same as its duty to protect motorists. He had filed testimony from a civil engineer stating the county had conducted proper maintenance on the road.

Read more here.  Turns out, Iowa has a traffic code, too, and it covers bicycles. Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as cars.

Crawford county recently passed a new ordinance effectively outlawing groups of cyclists.  Sounds to me like the powers-that-be in Crawford County, and their attorney, have forgotten that we have a 14th Ammendment.  And a 2nd Ammendment.  We gots one of those, too.

I’m sure a couple quick Googly searches will turn up lots more than I’ve shared.   Man, if my knee jerked that hard it would probably break my nose.

Wow.  Just, wow.

Editor’s note – I misspelled Mr. Ullrich’s name in my original post.  It’s been corrected.  My apologies.

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  1. heather says:

    excuse me? if the danger still existed then why on earth did the deputy take the cones with him? i can understand needing to leave but someone else should have taken over for him for the duration of the ride. that’s just common sense.
    what a horrible example of town politics gone wrong.