Unrealistic Realistic Goals

So I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to do on a bicycle (No, not that, Cog. ) and I’ve come up with a few goals that are probably doable, but I’ll probably never get around to doing.

  • Beat Kent Peterson’s single speed time for the GDR.   Now, I’ve never met Kent, but I understand he’s a fairly accomplished cyclist.  However, he’s not Superman and sooner or later someone will beat his time.  Could it be me?  Mebbe.  If I work my ass off for the next five years.  If Christie actually lets me go.  But in all reality it ain’t gonna happen.  At least not before someone else does it.
  • Join the Confrérie des Cent Cols.  I posted about this last time.  It’s certainly something that can be done.  There are real, live people in the club right now, so I know it’s possible.  I can get most of the requirements taken care of quite close to home and I’ll probably get at least a few.  But finding passes over 6500 feet is going to be problematic. Which leads me to my next goal –
  • Ride the Loveland Pass.  It will be a while before I’m fit enough to do this; most likely years before I can get there.  Other interests will capture my motivation some time next month, I’m sure.
  • I wanna go to Alaska.

I suppose I’ve been like this most of my life.  Interests wax and wane with the moon.  I’ve never really finished anything my hands and mind started.  Dad says I’m a procrastinator, and he’s right.  But I’m also a dreamer.  And that ain’t so bad, as it keeps me from getting too terribly bored.

If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer…
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in! 

–Shel Silverstein

Now for a more realistic goal.  Tomorrow I’ll air up the flat tire on the Collegiate and go get a case of beer.

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0 Responses to Unrealistic Realistic Goals

  1. Bone says:

    I’ve heard Kent Peterson can bend the shape of space-time with his mind, and ride his bicycle backwards through time.

    I also heard that he once rode his bike to the moon.

    On a fixie.

  2. the Sloth says:

    Yeah? Well, I heard that Chuck Norris once tried to roundhouse kick Kent Peterson, but Kent was riding so fast that Chuck missed and kicked himself in the back of the head. And died.

  3. cog says:

    I bet you would if Christie wanted to.

  4. the Sloth says:

    And how would that be fun?

  5. cog says:

    how would it not be fun?

  6. the Sloth says:

    Duh. Sorry, Cog. I really thought we were talking about something else. Some days I’m slow. On other days I’m really slow.