Core Dump

This is the first core dump of ’09.  Get used to it.

Saturday, the 17th of January, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed early and rode over to Camp Hill for the 1st of 3 HBG bike maintenance clinics.  It was 3F when I left the house, which is -16C to those of you in backward countries.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t too terribly cold so long as I kept moving.  The train that made me sit still for 15 minutes kinda sucked.

Winter destroys bicycles.  The all-rounder, an old Schwinn High Plains, is covered in salt dust, road grime, grease, more salt, more grime, ice (often enough) and random other unmentionables.  The next time we have a 24 hour stretch that doesn’t dip below freezing I’m gonna wash the damn thing.

Since recovering from my, ahem, ailments, I’ve made a few changes to the old girl.  The North Road bars came off and the flat bars went back on.  I put the studded tires on today, finally, after nearly dumping it on some ice this morning.  It has new brakes and cables.  And as soon as Spring rolls around she’s getting a new chain and cassette.

Critical Mass Harrisburg is tonight.  At least two of us plan to be there.  Debriefing at Neato Burrito on 2nd if’n you’re too much of a wuss to actually ride.  😉

Last on my list, I started a mail list via Google Groups for the Critical Mass rides.  It’s called Bike Harrisburg and the intent, at least for now, is to discuss Critical Mass, announce pick-up rides, and generally bash people for not showing up for the last S24O.  Subscribe here.

UPDATE (8:30pm):  All you posers and wannabes should know that 3 of us congregated for the ride tonight, looped around Harrisburg for almost an hour, and then got fat and sassy at Neato Burrito.

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