Return to Rausch Gap

The last time was supposed to be an S24O, but it ended up being an out and back day ride that left at least two of us sore for a couple days after.  This time it’s a pass hunt.

The engineer and I wandered up to the siding north of the rail trail and found some fresh bicycle tire tracks.  A little topo gazing shows us that particular siding continues on up to Gold Mine Run, turns northwest through the (unnamed) gap and follows the run to the other side of the ridge where it meets the Horseshoe Trail.  This section of the Horseshoe Trail is part of the old stage coach road that ran from Harrisburg to Pottsville.  Following it southwest should run us into the AT and then south through the Gap.  Or something like that.

S24O style.  Meet at the trail head, ride up to the Gap, make the loop and head back the next day.  Camp at some point, either along the siding or in the AT shelter.  We’ll throw in some exploring and do a little tromping around the old town and cemetary.  I’m thinking late April or early May.  The engineer says he’s in.  Anyone else?

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0 Responses to Return to Rausch Gap

  1. Apertome says:

    I can probably make it, let me know when you get a date set. Sounds like fun!

  2. engineer says:

    how much time do you have allotted for finding the AT shelter?

  3. the Sloth says:

    I haven’t alloted time for anything at all. That quadrangle map indicates the shelter is north of the rail trail. Maybe we should locate it upon arrival and then worry about making the loop. Or do the loop the next morning. When’s a good time? I’m trying to clear a date with Christie.

  4. the Sloth says:

    Well, here’s the map. It does not indicate that the shelter is anywhere particular, but I swear I’ve seen something recently that shows it north of the bridge and west of stream.

    When’s good for you, Apertome?

  5. Apertome says:

    Well, it looks like I can make it any weekend between now and May 15 (but not the weekend of the 15th). So let me know what works for everyone else.

    Also, I can consult some additional maps and see if I can find any more information.

  6. the Sloth says:

    This coming weekend is bad for me. The next three weekends are not booked and the Wife has said I can go play.