Wednesday Wander Ride

The Harrisburg Bicycle Club has a Wednesday night ride every week from April through October.  These rides are slow and relatively short.  10mph or so for about an hour.  I show up a couple times a month and often ride sweep.  They conned me into being the ride leader for the May 13th Wander.

Tonight’s ride was a bust.  At 5 till 6 the only person in the parking lot, other than yers truly, was Michelle, sans bicycle.  She tells me the ride leader can’t make it and she drove over just to let everyone know.  No problem, says I.  This happens occasionally and someone always steps up.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone else to do the stepping.  Michelle wasn’t staying and that left me.  All alone.  No one else had been there.

At 6:15 I drove home grumbling all the way about wusses who can’t ride unless their just-like-Lance outfit is appropriate for the weather.  Granted, it was a little windy.  And the temperature was a bone numbing 50F.  Did I say “wusses” already?  I wore jeans, sneakers, a wool sweater and a field coat.  No wind tunnel-approved clothing for me.  And who needs it at 10mph?  Apparently, the people I ride with.

The collegiate rolled us down to the park for a few laps and a flat.  6-1/4 miles today.  Jebus, I’m a slacker.

Disclaimer – All the wusses in this story can ride no-handed circles around me .

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