We drove over to the Pedal Pusher yesterday afternoon to pick up my new bike.  After about a half an hour, some new bottle cages, rack hardware and a couple handshakes we loaded it up on the rack and went to dinner with the girlies.  Christie took some pictures when we got home.  This one is my favorite.


Of course, one of the reasons I chose the Trucker over a handful of other tourers is due to its accommodating nature.


Thank the gods for that, huh?

15 or so easy miles rolled out behind us last night.  No one honked a stupid horn or shouted sidewalk curses.  I guess those same gods were looking out for us on our maiden voyage.

LHTMF!  You can figure it out.  You really can.  But for what it’s worth, it’s not mine.  The fine folks over at Point 83 apparently have a few in their group and came up with the phrase and some rules.  Credit where credit is due and all that.

The wife type person has declared herself to be the LHT Widow.

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0 Responses to LHTMF!

  1. Apertome says:

    Yes!!! I was thinking recently that you must be close to getting the Trucker. Congrats, you’ll love it!

  2. doc says:

    It suits you. The road is calling!

  3. Antoine says:

    Nice Trucker and I love the colour. I tossed-up whether to get a LHT or a Cross-Check and eventually went with the C-C because touring will be a rare treat for me. I’m happy with my choice but sometimes long for the steady handling of a true touring frame.

    I’m sure you’ve got some nice rides in since this post was written.