Arkansas Gravel!

Well, I’ve been in Arkansas for 3 days and just got around to going for a ride.  It’s hot and I, being a first class nincompoop, waited until mid-afternoon to get started, so I kept it short.  About 7 miles.

Aside from State Forest roads, there’s just not a whole lot of gravel in PA.  Pretty much all of the county roads around here are gravel.  Today’s ride incorporated about 3 miles of the stuff.  What a fine test of the Col de la Vie tires!  They passed, for what that’s worth. More on that later.

From Arkansas

Some cows staying cool in a pond. They are, obviously, smarter than me.

From Arkansas


From Arkansas

Since I failed to take the requisite “bike leaning against a tree along a gravel road” shot, here she is leaning against the house after I got back.

From Drop Box

The 650b tires are really quite nice. They’re not the fluffy clouds of heavenly, marshmallowy, Rivendellian perfection that some folks claim, but they do seem to have a nice all-rounder quality to them. They felt slower on pavement than the 700c tires I have on a couple bikes, but there are too many other variables to definitely blame the tires. They most certainly handled the gravel better than 700×37 Contacts or 700×25 Compressors, but not quite as nicely as 1.95 knobbies. Shock absorption was significantly better than most of my other tires.  Get some today!  Be the envy of all your friends!

Peace, love and go ride a bike. But wait until it cools off out there.

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One Response to Arkansas Gravel!

  1. Apertome says:

    Hmm, I found tons of gravel in NEPA. Guess it’s different by where you live.

    The bike looks great, and seems like it’d be a fine gravel rig.