Damn fool idealism

9am. The weather report said partly cloudy. Maybe a spot thunder shower after lunch. The only smart thing I bothered to do was pack a rain shell. 15 miles of mostly gravel on the agenda and I rolled out. It was partly cloudy.

The rain started by the third mile. I stopped to put on my jacket at 3.5. By the fifth mile it was coming down sideways and the thunder seemed to precede the lightning. I stopped in Greenway, AR at a service station that hasn’t operated since gas was $1.22. The roof was fairly sieve-like, but the awning covering the old pump island kept me and the bike out of the worst of it.

Fat lot of good this did me.

When the rain let up from “deluge” to “steady downpour” I tried to head into town. The way was shut.

It was parked there and I had to go around. Finding shelter was hit or miss, and I didn’t take any more photos. My phone isn’t waterproof and I didn’t think to bring the Megan’s WS80. Instead of the 15 or so miles I had originally planned, I decided to cut it a bit short and finished up along the same path I took yesterday. Here’s the track.

The soil around here is quite sandy, and so are the gravel roads. When it’s wet it sticks to just about everything. This is why the Nishiki should have had fenders long before we got here. The last mile or so on wet pavement was a pretty good application of Jobst Brandt’s chain cleaning method, though.

Peace, love and put some fenders on your bike.

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4 Responses to Damn fool idealism

  1. Veronica says:

    So you do have a sense of humor. Ha Ha

  2. Apertome says:

    I, too, got rained on today during a partially-gravel ride. Not a deluge like you describe, though.

    What is “Jobst Brandt’s chain cleaning method?”

  3. the sloth says:

    http://www.sheldonbrown.com/brandt/chain-care.html Primitive rule #1, second paragraph. Ride it in the rain. Lube it later.

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