The way is shut

First day of school today. We rolled out right on time, no issues. When we got to the first intersection where there should be a crossing guard, there was no crossing guard. I thought this was strange, but chalked it up to the power outages and maybe he overslept. As we got closer to the school we noticed a surprising lack of other people approaching the school. A fireman walking a dog (how odd!) stopped us to say that school had been canceled due to the outages and downed trees. As we rode back home slowly, I knew that everyone else knew.

Sure enough, right there on the school’s web site, “School Closed”. I had given them my email address with the girls’ enrollment paperwork, but we got no email notification. I think I’ve looked at every page on their worthless site and there appears to be no way to sign up for such notifications. A local TV station, however, provides such a service and now we’re on the list.

I hate being the new guy.

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2 Responses to The way is shut

  1. doc says:

    You should complain to a certain blasphemous tech guy who works for an intermediate unit that supports the district.

  2. tim says:

    (dumbass) damn parents!